Holland American Line

The world of cruising is dominated by a few quality cruise line companies, and the Holland American Line certainly belongs to this exclusive group of top cruise lines. Operating cruise ships of the highest quality and comfort, Holland American can be found on all seas of the world.



Holland American Cruises


Holland American Cruises offers great cruise experiences around the globe. From Alaska in the north to Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific. If it's to be closer to home, then Canada and New England, the Pacific Northwest or the Panama Canal, as well as Mexico, Bermuda and the Caribbean might be a good choice.

For the cultural interested, a cruise around Europe or South America can easily combine the pleasures of relaxing on board and enjoying the easy life on a cruise ship with the exitement of discovering new cultures. The same goes for destinations that offer the same in the Asia Pacific region, where centuries old cultures have much to offer.

Finally a cruise to Hawaii or Tahiti always has it's charms. Holland American offers cruises to all these destinations and has cruise ships that are adapted to the different seas they are cruising in.















Holland American